Since my trip to Sarek in 2023 I have changed my oppinion about gear. Especially about the weight of the gear I carry. Like a lot of other hikers I have discovered the principles of ultralight backpacking. I am not an ultralight hiker but more a lighweight hiker.

I have reduced the amount of gear I bring on my hikes and I have acquired lighter versions of most of the gear that I use.

Reducing base weight

Cam “Swami” Honan writes about The Big Three1: Tent, Pack and Sleep System. The idea is to reduce the weight of these three items to a total of less than 3 kg. Personally I have reduced my Big Three with 4 kg going from 7 to 3 kg. In addition, I have removed the following heavier items from my pack: Binoculars, camera and sandals. I have also replaced boots with trail runner shoes and found lighter gaiters, stoves, trousers, sleeping mat, knife, first aid, water filter, etc.

All in all I have reduced my base weight with 11,5 kg from 19 kg to 7,5 kg.

  1. Going Lighter and “The Big Three” ↩︎