My new favorite solo tent is the Durston X-Mid1 Solid1. It weighs 825 gr without poles. I use my trekking poles to pitch the tent. This version is made for scandinavian conditions. The inner cabin is sufficient for my needs. I am 179 cm weighing 85 kg and I am comfortable. The design uses a special geometry that gives you a very stable tent with 2 spacious vestibules.

The outer material is polyester instead of nylon. Nylon soaks up water. Polyester does not.

The Durston tents can only be ordered from the United States, which means taxes and import fees. I ended up paying around 3.000 DKR. For comparison the Telemark 2 LW from Nordisk with similar specs costs 5.800 DKR. So the X-Mid1 Solid is an affordable alternative.

I have not used it for longer hikes yet but only for weekend hikes. I am looking forward to bringing it to a longer hike in 2024.

  1. X-Mid1 Solid at Durston Gear ↩︎